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A local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm. Innovative Real Estate Investing Solutions. For Sellers. Buyers. And Investors.  We Buy Houses Throughout Colorado.

We provide honest solutions for Colorado homeowners who need to sell fast. And investors looking to grow their portfolio for better returns. 

UsedPropertyTrust is one of Arvada Colorado’s premier real estate investing groups. Because we focus on doing things right.

Finding solutions for homeowners.

Being able to close with cash when they need.

So they do not have to wait.

We specialize in distressed single family houses. And small rental units.

Are you in any of these situations?


Solutions we might suggest. A workout with the bank. Payments on the back end of the loan.

Deed in Lieu of foreclosure. Short Sale. And buying your house.

**Short Sales.

Solutions we might suggest. Qualifying you with the bank. And buying your house.



Solutions we might suggest. Cash to fund your Probate account.

**Bank REO’s.

**Landlords who want to get out.

And any situation a seller would need to sell fast in.

Many fit our criteria. But some do not. We will be able to tell you if we can help you. When you tell us what situation you are in. What you want to do. And what you need.

We would love to help you discover all of your options.

A Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm.

Our Process is easy. Confidential. And can be fast.

You tell us what you would like to do. You’ll tell us a few things about your property. We will get to work doing some research. We’ll find out what will help both of us. A true win-win. Then we’ll present you with a fair offer. Based on what we can pay for the property with a quick close. In as little as 7 days if you need to. And with cash . So you don’t have to wait for a bank to fund the purchase. We will bring a check to the closing table.   We Are A Colorado Cash House Buyer.

If we keep the house. The house is then remodeled. And sold to a new home owner to love and live in.

A Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm.

 At UsedPropertyTrust we believe our success is a result of the relationships we’ve built. And our process in buying. And selling quality houses. Houses that we buy tend to be the ones that aren’t the best looking in the neighborhood. It could be the house next door. So when we buy into an area. The community embraces us because we’re helping to revitalize the community they live in as well.

We are A Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm.

We Buy Houses In Colorado. And We Are A Cash House Buyer. That’s what we do!

We live and breath Colorado. We are not a big national franchise company. We use local lenders. Local title companies. And local contractors. And Local Attorneys. We Are A Colorado Cash House Buyer.

We buy houses throughout Colorado. But mostly north and west of Denver. Arvada. Broomfield. Westminster. Boulder. Loveland. Fort Collins. Longmont. Silverthorne. Avon. Eagle. Edwards. Grand Junction. And the surrounding areas.

Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm
Arvada Colorado

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Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm
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A Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm.

Giving Homeowners Who NEED To Sell Your House Fast in Colorado Another Option.

Something we take a lot of pride in is being able to help so many homeowners.  Who need to sell your Colorado house fast. Whether it’s as a result of a foreclosure. Bankruptcy. Divorce. Probate. A landlord who’s tired of dealing with tenants. Or any number of reasons.

A Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm.

We Are A Colorado Cash House Buyer.

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Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm
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Investment Opportunities In The Arvada Real Estate Market. We are a Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm. We Buy Houses Arvada, Colorado.

Great Fixer Upper Property Deals in Arvada For Local Investors.

Because of our very effective marketing programs. We’re able to get investment property deals in Arvada that most other investors never even hear about.  We pass those savings along to our investor buyers on our VIP Property Deals list.

If you’re interested in buying Colorado investment properties at steep discounts. Whether you plan to hold as a rental property. Or fix the property up and resell it. Join our VIP Property Deals list today. And get an email when we secure new properties that fit what you’re looking for.

Get Access To Our Property Alerts. And Current Discount Handyman Property Deals.

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Being one of Arvada‘s premier real estate investment firms. We run across a lot of great investment property deals.

We work with qualified local investors who want to invest their hard earned money. Passively. Totally hands off. Or semi-passively. Who want to be more active in the maintenance of the investment in the real estate market by partnering on deals. Or simply as an alternative to investing their money in traditional. Places like the stock market. Or low yielding CD’s.

If you’re interested in learning more about the options we offer.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today.


We are A Local Colorado Real Estate Investment Firm.

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